Higher education in India is in a state of flux. Even as we witness the demands of global academic performance indices occupy more and more space in discourse centered around academia, the question of public funding, and affordable quality education for India’s youth remains a central problem.

Here at #betteruniversities, we are a group of academics committed to the cause of our public education system. We have and will continue to raise issues that require urgent attention, engaging with the GoI and the stakeholders in higher education in India. In the past, we have banded together to raise public awareness and engage in fruitful conversation with the authorities over pressing issues in Indian higher education, from the proposed HECI Bill (now shelved), to the proposal to impose CCS rules on professors in central universities.

Our immediate concern at the moment is the draft National Educational Policy (NEP), 2019. Please join in our mass feedback campaign here.

(header image courtesy Priyanka)